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The industry's first patented affiliate management operating system that delivers SPEED TO VALUE

Affiliate management intelligence that delivers growth, combats fraud, and creates competitive advantage

Speed to Value
Accelerate growth and sustainable ROI through proprietary onboarding technology and partner discovery tools.
90% of Traffic
Identify and tap into the top three positions on key publisher sites and increase quality traffic via Results
Identify and Act on Fraud
Ensure partner commissions are based on true value and that your brand has a safe place to play.
74% of Marketers
Like 74% of marketers we care deeply about mitigating fraud and unethical traffic and compliance will provide you with...
Capitalize with Confidence
Create a competitive advantage through insights that move the needle and align to your source of truth.
30% Savings
Reduce program media waste by 30% or more through aligned attribution powered by Advantage
Results > Zero Entry™

Get your affiliate program live in days (not weeks or months)

With PartnerCentric’s proprietary Zero Entry™ program, your affiliate marketing program can launch faster than anywhere else. Your program will run on the network of your choice, will match your existing GA results, and will simplify the contracting process. 

Paired with our premium services, Zero Entry™ technology will have you live in 5 days or less.

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Advantage > Fuse

Trust Your Own Analytics to Eliminate the Attribution Gap

Fuse is a patented technology that allows you to align affiliate network tracking and commissions with your existing attribution data. And that’s no small thing.

Fuse utilizes your own reporting data to determine commission rates, so the true value of your traffic is never in question.

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Compliance > Content Monitoring

Make Sure Your Brand Has a Safe Place to Play

Content Monitoring enables your PartnerCentric team to recruit publishers aggressively with insight into the high-demand inventory your ideal customer consumes. 

Using our Content Monitoring technology, we continually scan placements on publisher sites to flag violations that dilute the integrity of your brand.

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Compliance > Block & Filter

Pay for legit traffic, and nothing else

Block & Filter sets the industry standard for mitigating fraudulent and unethical bot traffic that can reduce your ROAS by 22% on average. 

Block & Filter stops fraud before it happens by recognizing traffic that originates from click farms, bots, and fraud rings so it never reaches your site.

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Results > Opportunity Discovery

Uncover Publisher Opportunities Before Your Competition Does

Opportunity Discovery is the only data-driven partner recruitment tool that utilizes a combination of data sources and algorithms to uncover new publisher opportunities. This brings true Speed to Value to your affiliate marketing strategy and execution.


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Advantage > TopRank

Track Competitors So You Know Where You Stand

TopRank provides rich insights into where your competition invests to rank on publisher sites. In real time, we can see how placements work to influence ranking and reviews. 

 TopRank data empowers your PartnerCentric team to negotiate with publishers on placement – position and costs – instead of blindly navigating commission spend.

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Control Suite

Powerful and proprietary technology that is intelligently utilized to deliver growth, reduce fraud, and create competitive advantage

Expertise and Talent

Expert utilization of Control Suite by the most tenured affiliate marketers in the industry.

Proprietary Workflow

Workflow powered by Control Suite to create a unique combination of results and brand safety.

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